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Symptoms of hearing loss

If a child has one or more of the following symptoms, there is an absolute
indication of audiological evaluation:

ba  Lack of speech
ba  Speech difficulties or delay
ba  Late oral language development
ba  Short attention span
ba  Difficulty understanding when others are talking
ba  Frequently asks to be repeated
ba  Presents learning difficulties
ba  Needs to turn up the volume on the TV
ba  Inconsistency to react to environmental sounds or language
ba  Suspicion of parents
ba  Need to turn around to locate the sound source
ba  Difficulty following instructions
Some of the expected auditory and language skills for a baby are:
br  Most newborns react to loud noises
bc  At three months, a baby usually recognizes the voice of parents
bv  At six months, turns its head looking for the sound source
ba  Babbles constantly at 8 months
bm  At 12 months, has an approximate vocabulary of 5 -8 words
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